Sauvignon ‘Di Meris’


Vintage: 2018

Type: White
Taste: Dry
Body: -
Alcohol: 13.5%
Serve at: 8-10 °C
Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Size: 750ml
Btl./Cs: 12

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Country: Italy
Place of Origin: Venezia Giulia IGT
Winery: Stocco

Description: Intense aromas with notes of grapefruit, lime sage and green pepper. It express the flavour of the sauvignon, typical of the area, but with complexity, elegance and easy drinkability.

Production: Terrain type: ganerally flat with gravelly substratum covered by a layer of soil; Cultivation system: modified sylvoz Density: 4500 plants to hactare Harvest method: manual Vinification: 20 year old vines, manual harvest and selected yeast. Pulp maceration: press the grape and maintain the pulp with the juice at 4ºC for 6-7 days, improving the aromatic substances of the Sauvignon. Static decanting. Fermented in Inox is left for 6 months with it´s Lies.

Food Combination: Shell fish, mixed fried fish, white meats, omelettes and herb bass risottos. Locals enjoy it at home with asparagus and eggs, and sometimes grated truffle.

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