Rkatsiteli Qvevri


Vintage: 2020

Type: White
Taste: Dry
Body: -
Alcohol: 13%
Serve at: 8-12 °C
Grape Variety: Rkatsiteli 100%

Size: 750ml
Btl./Cs: 12

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Country: Georgia
Place of Origin: Alaverdi,Kakheti Region

Description: Primarily you’ll feel well known aromas of Georgian spices, dried flowers and toasted bread. The wine has pleasant, tasty tannin composition and sweet tones at finish.

Production: This amber-colored Kakhetian wine, made in Qvevri (pitchers) in a traditional way, represents classical model of this style. The wine is left in contact with the grape pips and skins for 7-8 months until mid-April. After opening the Qvevri and separating the wine from the pips and skins, the Rkatsiteliis bottled and left to rest until early November, when it is ready to be served.

Food Combination: It matches well with boiled beef, roast fish and chicken.

Awards: International Qvevri Wine Competition2018 -Gold

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