Terms and conditions of use

Shopping conditions

  • 20 years old or more.
  • Membership conditions are fully agreed.
  • The member provides valid email address.

Admission method

The application screen can be completed as soon as the visitor agrees to the shopping terms and  conditions.

Coverage and change in this rule

  • The rules are applied to Alcotrade visitors and its members for the use of the Alcotrade shop.
  • The Alcotrade shop regulations are to allow efficient service to its visitors and members.
  • Alcotrade shop reserves the right to change any of the rules without prior notification and without prior notification.

Visitors and Member’s ID, and password

  • The member agrees sole responsibility of their ID and the password.
  • When it turns out that ID or the password number and the password are forgotten, leaked, or opened by a third party, the member will immediately notify the Alcotrade shop and follow Alcotrade’s security procedure for this event.
  • Alcotrade does not have any responsibility whatsoever for any loss, misuse, damage, 3rd Party access or any other irregular misuse of Members password number and password.

Validity term of membership

  • The member's expiration date to be one year after the member is registered.
  • The membership is extended for one year to members who will not have the offer of secession by the expiration date when Alcotrade shop considers suitable.

Loss and secession of membership

Alcotrade reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member at any time, or for one of the following reasons.

  • When the member declares any false information.
  • When the member violates this rule
  • When a member gives any trouble whatsoever to a third party.
  • Member's where about: to our company becomes uncertain.
  • When Alcotrade judges a person not suitable as a member.

Written report of change

  • Any changes made to the Member’s information on Alcotrade need to be made in writing by the member and sent to Alcotrade where the changes will be input onto the system.
  • Our company does not assume the responsibility about member's disadvantage by having neglected the written report. Moreover, the member assumes all the responsibilities of damage caused by the Member’s neglect within the written report i.e. the administration of the mailing list.

What are reward points?

The Member agrees not to do the following:

  1. Act of violating other members, third party or our copyright, property right, privacy, and other rights.
  2. A certain act of fear of act in contradiction to public order and morals or law or such.
  3. Act of slander; slander of others or giving others trouble and disadvantage, etc.
  4. Illegal act such as using other Member’s ID or password, or letting others use own ID or password.
  5. The right or the obligation in this rule is transferred, is loaned, bought and sold to the third party, and the act such as doing the mortgage offer.
  6. The act or the preparation for aiming at the profit-pursuing act in relation through this shop
  7. Act of offer by using harmful program such as computer viruses in relation through this shop etc.
  8. Act which might interfere with the management of this shop.
  9. Additionally, act that Alcotrade shop judges improper


Our company has, the copyright, the trademark right, rights of portrait, and other rights such as information and files offered and managed through this shop. Any use by private or corporate institutions without the express permission of Alcotrade is prohibited.

Interruption or stop of this service

Our company assumes the right to either interrupt or discontinue a part or entire operation of this service.

  1. A natural disaster, an incident, and other state of emergency.
  2. When it repairs on the system are being carried out.
  3. Abnormality of the system and this service (the breakdown and problems) and for whatsoever reasons.

Alcotrade shop does not assume the responsibility at all caused by the interruption or the stop of this service irrespective.

Handling of member information

  • Registered information is assumed to be Alcotrade property.
  • Alcotrade will not publish or sell the information to any third party. The information is stored on a secure server. We reserve the right to use all received information for the sole use of our company without any prior notification to the member.
  • When indication is requested, by ordinance, Alcotrade shop has the right to disclose, regardless of the above mentioned, to a third party such as administration of justice and administrative bodies.

Legal status

Japanese law applies

Solution of dispute

The agreement jurisdictional court of the dispute concerning this rule is a district court, Tokyo, Japan.


The visitor and member will refer to our separately provided clauses, which are not provided in this document.